Getting Closer To My Goal

I must be nuts, getting up at 2.30am, and running in the dark. But, needs must - especially since I'm up early from my slumber, for a 12 hour shift at work, and with heavy rain being due later in the day, I don't want to be caught out in that. Besides, 12 hours work... Continue Reading →

Slow Gains

I look at runners that hold world records, and think about their gains. Mostly, they make progress by fractions of a second, in their quest to be the worlds best. Now, while their 10th's of a second will be equivalent to my 10's of seconds, I'm still producing my own personal world records, which I'm... Continue Reading →

Small Gains – I’m Pleased

Recently, I said I was going to concentrate on achieving a ten minute mile. While, I'm not quite there yet, I am making progress. The gains are small, but noticeable. For my previous run, I achieved one mile in 11.19 minutes. Today, on an early morning run (3am*) I've done it in 11.02 minutes. I'm... Continue Reading →

Pace Time Slowly Improving

Three early mornings, and three one mile runs, have seen my average speed increase, while my pace time over the distance has begun to decrease (which is good). My last entry regards running, I declared that I was going to concentrate on achieving a ten minute mile, to help bring about improvements and to solidify... Continue Reading →

Ten Minute Mile?

Following a short illness, I've gotten back into my stride and have completed two early morning runs. Yesterday was difficult, but today felt so much easier. This morning, I was quicker than my previous attempts over a mile, so I'm very pleased. My very first attempt at running, saw me achieve a couple hundred yards,... Continue Reading →

Early Morning Jog

It's been a few days since my last outing following the excruciating pain in my back, and I think the break has done me the world of good. For this run, it was a 3am start, prior to heading into work - have I said I was keen, or nuts, or both? 🀣 This morning,... Continue Reading →

A Knife To The Back

I'm having to take a few days off jogging after enduring searing pain in my upper back. I'm quite used to individuals stabbing me there, but the pain this time was on a different level. The pain has been focused beneath my right shoulder blade. At first, I thought it might have been a stitch,... Continue Reading →

Doggone Tired

This was my first run for a couple of days. With working shifts, especially nights, sometimes it's really difficult to put some time in. I am planning on running during my lunch period at some point, so then there should be no excuses from me ☺ Latest observation: Distance: 0.9 mile Speed: 4.8 mph Heart... Continue Reading →

Feeling Good

This was an enjoyable run from my current home to my childhood haunt. The track, in a circular route is approximately 3 miles. I ran just short of 1 mile, with a top speed of 6.6 mph My latest observation: Distance: 0.97 mile Speed: 4.7 mph Heart Rate: 163 Time: 12:24 I did jog back... Continue Reading →

1 Mile Down

I'm thrilled to have reached the one mile mark. Even though I haven't set myself any goals, it feels good to have reached that point. Yesterday, I had a day off running to go on an unavoidable six hour drive. I don't know if the journey had any impact, but boy - it was hard... Continue Reading →

I’m Hooked

Jogging has become one of my favourite pastimes. Wow! In all my years, I never thought I would make that statement. As a well known TV advertisement would announce: I'm Loving It Those that know me very well, will be as surprised as I am at the fact that I have pulled on a pair... Continue Reading →

Aches And Pains

It's been a difficult week for me, with aches and pains hitting parts that I didn't know existed, but I have now reached the 1km mark which feels like a massive reward ☺ I'm all too aware of jogging being a high impact exercise and the consequences that can ensue when not listening to warning... Continue Reading →

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