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Protect Your Browser With Frame-Busting

I’m a huge fan of Google Chrome – especially the Android version. However the past couple of days have been a nightmare for me. Every time I attempted to navigate a website with advertising, I would be automatically redirected to a malicious site, for example one offering Samsung prizes.

I cleaned Chrome, and even removed it from my phone; Reinstalled; Installed Malwarebytes and other software removal tools – they all found nothing untoward. I also carried out a fresh installation of Android. Nothing seemed to work 😡

Eventually, I disabled Chrome and started using Firefox while I searched for an answer to my frustrating problem. I found it. If you too are having the same issues and are being redirecting to a malicious site, do this… hell, do this anyways to protect yourself:

On your phone, in Chrome, type into the address bar:

  • Press Go.
  • In the first drop-down menu, next to ‘Frame Busting Requires Same Origin Or A User Gesture’ choose ‘Enabled’.
  • Now restart Chrome.

By enabling framebusting, you forbid frames from navigating outside of the current website without your permission. This helps protect you from rogue advertising.



    1. It’s so annoying when something like that happens. I was actually close to tears with frustration… Just so much going on around me, and that was the one that nearly broke me – and yet it was so innocuous in comparison. The mind can be very weird at times.


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