Ennerdale Water Sunrise

The Wildest And Most Barren Land

You might have gathered by now, that I love Ennerdale Water in West Cumbria. The lake and surrounding area is devoid of tourists and shops selling cheap memorabilia. Quite simply, it is how the Lake District should be. Tourism has so many negative impacts on the county: From damage to the environment to pollution; congestion and expensive homes for locals.

In 1724 Daniel Defoe described the area as “the wildest, most barren and frightful of any that I have passed over in England”.

I wish the Lake District had stayed as Defoe had described it. Sadly, tourism in the Lake District began in the late eighteenth century when a number of guide books had been published, along with the railway finally reaching these parts in the mid 1800’s.

Thankfully, Wild Ennerdale has been left relatively untouched by man and his destructive touch. Long may that continue.

Ennerdale Water Sunrise
Ennerdale Water Sunrise

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