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I Can't Do Right, For Doing Wrong

Sometimes, I can’t do right for doing wrong. I don’t think I’m at fault for trying to help out with others, but 99% of the time it seems to backfire.

For example, last week I was out on one of my local walks. I headed through a few fields which were designated footpaths. In one such field, two Ponies were roaming about. They seemed pretty excited to see Poppy and myself and were eagerly following me. I noticed one Pony had a bloody eye, and blood was running down its cheek. It looked as she had caught herself on some barbed wire.

I took to social media, and posted the image below, in the hope of alerting the owner to the animals predicament. A few hours later I received a private message urging me to remove the image and that there “was nothing wrong” with the Pony. The tone of the message was quite annoying. All I wanted to do was help.

I’ve subsequently heard that some local equine owners can be quite “off” with those that raise issues. Next time, I’ll simply contact the RSPCA, and should they decide to carry out checks on stables etc, then ‘Val’ can then have another rant at yours truly.

There’s nowt so queer as folk!

Yorkshire saying
There Is Nothing Wrong With This Pony!
“Nothing Wrong” With This Pony 😡


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