Pissy Bed

Pissenlit - Dandelion

The humble Dandelion is flowering across the UK right now. Growing up, it was called the Pissy Bed, although I had no clue why. Thanks to the power of Google, I now know that the weed got its eloquent name from bed wetting diuretic properties and a French/English translation of pissenlit.

  • Pissenlit is a noun conjugated from the verb pisser, to piss, and the noun, lit, meaning bed.

The flour delice furth spred his hevinly hew,

Flour dammes, and columby blank and blew;

Seyr downis smaill on dent de lion sprang

Gavin Douglas
The Dandelion - Pissenlit
The Dandelion – Pissenlit


  1. thanks for the history of the name and what a nice shot of a flower that destroys years – but has so much benefit for liver health and other things (but I guess not too much for those prone to piss the bed)

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