Cavalier Puppy

One Of The Most Popular Dogs In The UK

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small spaniel classed as a toy dog that originated in the United Kingdom. It has a silky, smooth coat and commonly a smooth undocked tail. According to The Kennel Club, Cavaliers are the sixth most popular dog in the United Kingdom.

The breed is generally friendly, affectionate and good with both children and other animals; however, they require a lot of human interaction.

  • An urban legend claims that Charles II issued a special decree granting King Charles Spaniels permission to enter any establishment in the UK, overriding “no dog except guide dogs” rules.
  • A spokesman for the Kennel Club said: “This law has been quoted from time to time. It is alleged in books that King Charles made this decree but our research hasn’t tracked it down.”
Cavalier King Charles Puppy Sketch
Cavalier King Charles Puppy


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