Friar Gill

An Ancient Landscape Steeped In History

Friar Gill is a hidden gem on Kinniside Common. The views looking towards Lank Rigg and Tongue How are stunning. This area was originally owned by Calder Abbey which is now a derelict ruin in the hamlet of Calderbridge.

On the old footpath leading down towards the gill, an ancient burial ground can be found. It is known as the Friar Gill Tumulus Round Barrow.

  • A Round Barrow is one of the most common types of archaeological monuments. Although concentrated in Europe, they are found in many parts of the world, probably because of their simple construction and universal purpose. In Britain round barrows generally date to the Early Bronze Age.

Monks Bridge passes over Friar Gill and is well worth a visit. It’s an old packhorse bridge spanning a deep chasm over the River Calder. I’ll bring you a photo of the old bridge in the next few weeks.

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Friar Gill
Friar Gill


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