Evolution Is Probably Dead

This place has hit the news headlines across the world today, due to an important Brexit vote which was carried out in the House of Commons. So, I decided to break up the tedium, and sketch Westminster.

Westminster is the bustling government area near Buckingham Palace. Tourists head to Trafalgar Square’s monuments and the guard change at Horse Guards Parade. Politicians mingle in Whitehall’s busy pubs.

At the Houses of Parliament, alongside the River Thames, the bell of Big Ben rings in its iconic clock tower. Medieval Westminster Abbey contains the graves of historical figures such as Charles Darwin.

… I wonder what Darwin thinks of the evolution of our MP’s?

Westminster Sketch
Westminster Sketch


  1. Darwin would probably create a new theory based either on the opposite of “survival” or observe that the Brexit referendum result was actually an event similar to the one that killed off the previous dinosaurs. From these ashes will rise new parties, different and fewer MPs, regular referendums, removal of the HoL, an English parliament fully devolved, and a change to the franchise that maybe only grants it to property owning folks of 35+ who are tax payers! 😂😂👍

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