The People Should Decide

Politicians Have Made The UK A Laughing Stock

Tonight (15th January), the UK Government were defeated in the House of Commons over their European Union (Withdrawal) Act.

  • 432 against
  • 202 for

The result isn’t a complete surprise as those elected to make decisions on our behalf have become entrenched with their views and personal connections to a protectionist, 40 year political union.

Brief history on this saga:

  • 9th June 2015 MP’s voted for a referendum on EU membership
  • 23rd June 2016 referendum with majority voting to leave the EU
  • 29th March 2017 EU Article 50 (exit clause) was triggered
  • 18th April 2017 General Election called
  • 8th June 2017 MP’s elected on Brexit manifestos
  • 15th January 2019 MP’s voted against Brexit deal


Now, our MP’s are stuck in limbo, with the majority not agreeing the way forward on how to achieve Brexit.

There is only one way out of this mess. And, the answer is for parliament to go back to the people with another referendum. We should make the decision for them. I’m not suggesting another referendum on EU membership – we’ve already had that… but would they respect the result?

  • We should have a referendum on the same question which was put to our pathetic politicians. Do we leave with the negotiated deal, or leave without?

A referendum is the only logical solution to breaking the impasse. Sadly, logic has gone out of fashion with the clowns that allegedly run this once great country of ours. They’ve made the UK a laughing stock due to their own inabilities.

I previously warned my MP of the consequences of voting down the deal put before the House of Commons. Now, I fear we’ve stepped onto a very slippery slope.

  • At least my MP appears to have listened to residents concerns, having previously said she was going to vote against – she changed her mind and voted for the European Union (Withdrawal) Act. It’s a small consolation, but heartening that some MP’s do listen.

How did the MP’s for Cumbria vote?

  • Trudy Harrison (Copeland) – Aye
  • John Stevenson (Carlisle) – Aye
  • John Woodcock (Barrow in Furness) – No
  • Rory Stewart (Penrith and the Borders) – Aye
  • Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale) – No
  • Sue Hayman (Workington) – No

What happens next? How long is a piece of string?

The default position is that we leave the European Union on 29th March 2019 with no divorce agreement. There are are calls from some MP’s to delay that date, so that they can better negotiate a deal – but the EU have said that there will be no renegotiation. EU elections begin on 29th May 2019 – there isn’t much time left to resolve this mess.

Brexit has become Brexshit.



  1. I’m not British obviously, but I do agree with your perspective. Our dipstick politicians make the same sort of bumbling BS decisions. frankly, I strongly despise the idea of a union. To hell with that!

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  2. Your trust in ‘the British people’ is touching but wrong.
    As a voting entity they have already been shown to be susceptible to manipulation (Facebook ,Daily Mail etc.) on a grand scale, the politicians that made unobtainable promises are lying and self serving and in fact, as you correctly say, as a whole can’t be trusted to deliver anything, whether it’s what was ‘promised’ (which in itself is different to many groups of people) or anything else.
    So it seems, against all odds, the EU has been more transparent and sure footed throughout the whole debacle and didn’t, for example, go to court to try to prevent Parliament (representing the British People) getting any say whatsoever.
    So maybe reevaluate who is actually trustworthy? The people who tell you it like it is, and have done throughout, or the people that have many different versions of what it is depending on what they themselves are trying to get out of it.
    Article 50 activation was premature. It should be rescinded until the next scheduled General Election in 2022 and then campaigns can be based on what has been learned about what can and can’t be done and the electorate also now know.

    Anyway, possibly wasted typing on your blog so lets get back to being creative and silly blokes eh? It’s more fun 😉

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    1. I’d rather trust the people to come to a result than politicians who have their own reasons as to how they will vote. Corbyn for example is only interested in gaining the keys to Downing Street and hasn’t been interested in the EU situation. He changes his stance more than I change my underpants 😝

      Sure, Newspapers, Facebook, etc influence – I don’t buy into them. In fact, I haven’t bought a newspaper since Princess Diana was hounded to her death. Some are capable of making their decisions without following a crowd. I’ve never been a sheep. Well – maybe a black one.

      Compromise is now the way forward. I just hope politicians understand the meaning of the word, and that people can remain friends rather than the country become increasingly fractious.

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  3. The UK and USA are in trouble with bad decisions and politicians. Instead of all of us concentrating on saving the planet’s resources and thereby the human race we are served nonsense.

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  4. What happens now is the question. Do you know, what is happening with trade between the EU and UK until the official divorce date? ‘We’ are being told that the duties will come into affect in full force any day know, but I strongly suspect this is just the EU protectionism at play trying to convince us that it is no longer ‘safe’ to purchase goods from UK. Please inform if you know news of anything about the upcoming tariff changes.


    1. The UK are negotiating 40 trade agreements, but have only settled one so far, with Switzerland. That is due to come into force on March 29, or after a two year transition period. It all depends upon what happens next.

      Outside of the agreements, we’ll revert to WTO terms.

      If we crash out in March, then WTO tarrifs would apply if no agreements have been put in place.

      I think between now and then, heaven and earth will be moved to prevent that from happening. Its in the hands of the UK’s and EUs politicians.

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      1. I hear you. Thank you so much for the update! So at the moment it’s March. Okay. I do hope UK is able to get all of those trade agreements resolved before then! The WTO agreements are nothing short of….broad & difficult.

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      2. What I believe they are doing is basically transferring deals that the EU have negotiated, such as the recent Japanese deal, into UK law so that there isn’t protracted negotiations. Hopefully we’ll see movement on this soon.

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  5. In my area 58.9% voted leave, our MP (joke) Norman Lamb is doing his utmost to de-rail the whole process. Is this how elected members should act? Total disregard to their constituents. We had our vote, personally I don’t think we need another. The deal was not perfect but not too bad. The Irish border problem will not go away. If we had said to the EU that we would not implement a hard border the ball would have been in their court, they would be seen as the ones breaking the Good Friday agreement.
    If (big if) the sh*t hits the fan and we leave with no deal then so be it. Politicians must learn this is not just about their own personal agendas. If Brexit does not happen then what? We might as well never hold elections again. Who could we ever trust!

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      1. They’ll call going against it democratic, if it passes 😡

        If they unrail brexit, I do think there will be a huge storm of the brown stuff.

        I’ve just pissed myself laughing. I see his wife is called Mary 😂 😂 😂

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