The Dark Side

Chinese Moon Monkey Breeding Programme

I’ve been amused this morning, following the news about China landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. Some of the questions, and comments popping up on Twitter have really tickled me pink.

The Chang’e-4 probe touched down in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, and is carrying instruments to analyse the unexplored region’s geology, as well to conduct biological experiments. One onboard experiment is to test how well plants — specifically potatoes and small flowering Arabidopsis plants — grow on the moon. It is the first mini-greenhouse to land on another world!

One question being asked quite often about Chang’e-4 is, “how is the photo of the moon landing illuminated if the lander is on the dark side of the moon?”

  • The dark side of the moon isn’t bathed in perpetual darkness. The word dark, means unknown.

The near and far sides of the moon receive equal amounts of sunlight – alternating every two weeks. The nearside also receives earthshine – sunlight reflected from the earth.

  • I’m unable to answer if the landing was faked; or if secret military bases, operated by aliens, will be found on the moon; or if the Chinese are breeding moon monkeys.
  • Meanwhile, Pink Floyd have seen an increase in album sales…

When you look at the dark side, careful you must be … for the dark side looks back.


The Far Side Of The Moon
The Far Side Of The Moon


    1. They’ll appear later. Too many people are watching them at the moment. What great memories you brought back there!

      Maybe governments should push schools around the world to adopt whistling as a universal language?

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  1. I thought that ime traveling NAZIs already landed Die Glocke? 😉 Oh well, now I I have hope for a pet moon monkey. 😁

    Seriously though, the potential is there to mine H3. H3 as I understand would be an energy boom that could take us to mars.

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