Sextortion Scam

Scammer Claims To Have A Copy Of My Floppy

Today I received an email attempting to extort money out of me. It’s an old scam, which utilises hacked passwords. The aim of the scam, is to quite simply put the fear of God into those receiving the email so that the victim pays up.

The scammer claims to have my password (but not for which site), and that if I don’t pay up, a recording will be sent to my friends.

The password mentioned in the email was indeed one that I had previously used on a website that had been victim to a data breach. I no longer use that password.

These kind of messages always begin with the most convincing part of the email: the claim that the person sending it has your password, which is included in the message itself. After that, it begins with a series of threats and demand for a ransom.

Passwords sent out, are all thought to have come from one of the many leaks and hacks that have hit big companies in recent years. Many of the world’s biggest online services – from LinkedIn to Adobe – have had passwords leaked onto the internet, and those are relatively readily available on the darker parts of the internet.

It appears that a scammer or group of them are using those passwords and probably automatically sending the emails out to users. It is then hoped that at least some of the users will panic and send the bitcoin – something that some recipients have actually done.

  • You can check if you’ve been a victim of a data breach by visiting Have I Been Pawned – the odds are, that you will be one of the 5,688,097,942 hacked victims that have their personal details floating around the world wide web.
  • I recommend that you sign up for Have I Been Pawned alerts.

Anyways.. here is the email that I received… and if someone, somehow, has a copy of my floppy – share away. My friends could do with a good old belly laugh 🤣

I am well aware ******* is your pass word. Lets get directly to purpose. You do not know me and you’re probably thinking why you are getting this e-mail? There is no one who has compensated me to check you.

Let me tell you, I setup a malware on the X videos (pornographic material) site and do you know what, you visited this site to experience fun (you know what I mean). While you were watching videos, your internet browser started out functioning as a Remote Desktop with a key logger which provided me access to your screen and web cam. Just after that, my software program obtained every one of your contacts from your Messenger, social networks, as well as email . And then I made a double video. 1st part displays the video you were watching (you’ve got a nice taste rofl), and next part shows the recording of your cam, yea it is you.

You have just two options. We are going to read these types of options in particulars:

1st option is to neglect this e-mail. In this instance, I am going to send your videotape to all of your contacts and imagine regarding the humiliation that you receive. Not to forget if you are in an important relationship, exactly how it will affect?

2nd option is to give me $928. We will regard it as a donation. Consequently, I most certainly will instantly remove your video footage. You could keep going daily life like this never happened and you are never going to hear back again from me.

You will make the payment via Bitcoin (if you don’t know this, search for “how to buy bitcoin” in Google).

BTC Address to send to: 1BVvYanwEkNJuyv6JWiRcNSh8pNzwnxeca
[case-sensitive copy and paste it]

If you have been thinking of going to the law, look, this e-mail can not be traced back to me. I have dealt with my actions. I am not trying to charge you a huge amount, I only want to be paid for.

You have one day in order to make the payment. I’ve a special pixel within this email message, and right now I know that you have read this email message. If I don’t get the BitCoins, I will definitely send your video recording to all of your contacts including relatives, coworkers, and so on. Having said that, if I do get paid, I’ll erase the recording immediately. If you really want proof, reply Yeah! then I definitely will send your video to your 15 friends. It’s a non-negotiable offer thus do not waste my time and yours by responding to this email.



    1. It is John 😔

      I’ve heard of some people contemplating suicide over things such as this. I posted the email so that if anyone was unaware of such a thing, it could give a heads up.

      Out of interest, my sister recieved a similar email yesterday. The despicable scammers must be increasing their efforts in the run up to Christmas 😡

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  1. I get lots of emails like these because I run several websites and email addresses. They have never managed to alarm me but they are annoying.
    The latest annoyance is spam emails written in Chinese. All to my WordPress site.

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  2. I checked my email and apparently I have been pwned on two breached sites and found no pastes. I am actually growing tired of the Internet and mobile phones, when I hear about shops/banks closing down and people loosing their jobs because of online shopping/banking I wonder where it is all going to end. I recently bought a new car and can unlock its doors from miles away using my mobile phone, I don’t think of it as amazing technology, it just worries me that someone somewhere could take control of my car whilst I am driving it.

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  3. That sounds scary. I personally know someone that keeps their keys in a Faraday wallet because the signal given off by the keys is so easy to boost, allowing thieves keyless entry.


  4. I keep getting phone calls from scammers. My favorite game to play with them is to answer as the front desk of the Groom Lake Facility, S4 division. ( Google Bob Lazar if you’re unfamiliar) anyway at some point in the call the pilot shows up to reclaim his technology. 🤣

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      1. I probably should. I’ve also answered as the undersecretary to galactic empire (star wars) , a low ranking member of the Klingon high council and an inventor who has a great opportunity for the scammer to invest in. 😅 Perhaps next time I will be an aggressive used car salesperson. I have worked in a call center for the past 14 years so it’s hard for them to out maneuver me.

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