Google Trends: Cumbria

What's Been Trending In 2018?

I thought I would take a look at what has been trending on Google Search, for the county of Cumbria over the last 12 months. The top search term for 2018, has been unsurprisingly, “Cumbria Vacations”.

The top spot was followed closely by “Cumbria Earthquake” and in third place, parents were looking for information on unrelated “School Closures”.

  • Each year, Cumbria receives over 47 million visitors, made up of day trippers, and overnight visitors. Cumbria vacations was always going to be #1.
  • On 28th February, a 3.2 magnitude earthquake hit the county, near Cockermouth. People took to the web searching for information.
  • In January, Cumbria experienced a large number of school closures due to heavy snowfall. 

Cumbria: Top 20 Search Terms

  1. cumbria vacations
  2. cumbria earthquake
  3. cumbria county council school closures
  4. cumbria choice based letting
  5. virginia house cumbria
  6. cumbria school holidays 2019
  7. earthquake in cumbria
  8. warwick hall cumbria
  9. cumbria school closures
  10. blacksmiths arms cumbria
  11. cumbria road watch
  12. cumbria vacation rentals
  13. bt mail
  14. cumbria wildlife trust
  15. snow in cumbria
  16. trainline
  17. cumbria golf union
  18. weather in cumbria today
  19. castles in cumbria
  20. workington rants


    1. I did have a chuckle at Workington Rants being in the Top 20. I wonder what was getting folk so worked up? Maybe there’s a shortage of Jam?

      The jam remark will go straight over the heads of people from outside the area 😂


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