I’m Behind You

Thief Steals Old Website And Republishes Online

Yesterday, I discovered that someone had purchased an old domain of mine and reactivated it on the 23rd August 2018. Now, while I have absolutely no objection to an old domain being mopped up by someone, what I do object to is the copying of my old content (by downloading) and republication of it, in an attempt to scam, mislead, and or, the manipulation of back-links.

The person that did this should be under absolutely no illusion that I don’t appreciate their illegal activity, that I am in the process of taking action against them. Contact has been initiated with namecheap (the domain registrar), and also the site host, at hostgator.

  • The UK has a pretty stringent copyright law, and with the recent EU GDPR law – Article 17 in particular – individuals have a number of rights, which if breached can result in a (up to) €20 million fine through the Information Commissioners Office.
Watch out, There Is A Thief About

So, while someone out there might think they’re sitting pretty, I have a message: look over your shoulder – I’m behind you. Happy Christmas!

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  1. That’s just wrong. I remember seeing another site that was using someone else’s image as their own. I notified the person who owned that image to verify and sure enough, it was his and was being illegally used. So sad we live in such times though infringement in some form or another has been happening for millennia I’m sure.

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    1. My old site content (in a different design) is still on for archive purposes – I just didn’t renew the domain. If said individual wanted to resurrect it, a simple redirect would have sufficed instead of downloading and duplicating an old copy of the site. The main thing that I’m p*ssed over, is that they didn’t ask. I’m also worried that they may have malevolent plans, which could result in viruses etc., being spread. As you said – sad times ☹

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      1. Ah, maybe I misunderstood. So they did not reuse your content along with the website? I can still see the worry you have especially as you have a history with that domain name.


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