Gift Ideas Wanted

Buying Gifts Is A Nightmare!

I have been struggling to think of what to buy my other half for her birthday, which is coming up in December. I have spotted some useful slippers, but I don’t think she would wear them.

Apparently Dust Mop Slippers are a perfect gift for those who won’t scrub their floor with a bucket and sponge the old fashioned way…

“Why should you go through the pain and suffering of mopping your floor with a broom, when you can make light work of your housekeeping duties by gliding across your floor in the comfort of these nifty dust mopping slipper?” says the website advertising them.

Yeah.. I think I best give these a miss, since I like waking up in the morning 😅


What can I get her? I’ve spotted a lovely golden, last Rolo. It’s not very practical though, and at £80, I think pretty expensive.

Microwavable slippers are useful this time of year, but they’d probably join the mop slippers, flying through the air, to the back of my head.

I suppose a personalised bottle of vodka wouldn’t go amiss. Help! Buying gifts is a nightmare!!



  1. Tell us more about her likes/dislikes, what are her hobbies, what does she do in her free time, does she walk in nature with you, does she read, how does she relax, spa kits?

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    1. She doesn’t get up to much at the moment. She’s waiting for surgery on her spine due to disc issues – which have caused mobility problems for her at the moment. She does like a good puzzle book, etc. I’m just thinking of things to lighten the mood for her.


      1. There’s a variety of things to help lighten the mood! I’m just thinking of small gifts throughout the day.
        I’m thinking of breakfast in bed with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, tea or coffee in a hilarious novelty mug to start the day. A mug that speaks to her sense of humor that will make her laugh. (example –
        After breakfast, you can give her a small self-care gift basket that you’ll make filled with goodies. You can include the puzzle book, nice scented hand lotions, some of her favorite candy, hot chocolate, some jewelry, a lovely dress to enjoy the day or some fun gloves or mittens if it’s cold out.
        While she’s enjoying eating candy or drinking hot chocolate, then you can suggest doing a low-key activity together. Maybe you can get two canvases and paint lovely landscapes or whatever inspires you while listening to your favorite music.
        If you go to, you can find beautiful gifts at an incredibly affordable price. You can combine various gifts to create a unique experience! 🙂

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  2. You say she likes puzzle books, how about a Sherlock Holmes riddle book or similar? There’s loads of similar books on the market. Plus if she can’t get out much as she’s resting for surgery, how about some treats she can enjoy while doing the puzzles? Maybe a box of chocolates and bottle of wine, and even a nice notebook and fancy pen to help the puzzles. Paperchase do some awesome stuff. Good luck!

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      1. Actually, yes, it would. I would love the gift of a new grass cutter. (We managed to break the handle and now its taped together…uggh) But, I figure that comes from my not-so-girly streak and that most wives would balk at the thought.


  3. Write her a poem or two, sketch something nice to it and give it as a little note book. Or, why not give her a painting book – with sketches to paint? Seriously, we have those books here for grown-ups:-D

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    1. I’ve just spotted a book called Be Happy Just Add Water – amazing! How do they do that? It’s probably aimed at kids, but I think she might actually enjoy it. Colourful and not messy!

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  4. Does she like cosmetics? The Estée Lauder Blockbuster collection is a lovely Xmas gift, jammed packed with ladies goodies. It should be in Debenhams now.

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    1. She’s a funny old mare at times. She has her favourites, and if I got the wrong thing, god help me. I don’t know what they are, and am terrified to look. Lol. I think I’ll play safe and buy her some flowers.. But the last time I did that, about 20 years ago, she asked me what I’d done wrong. Haha 😂


  5. I think buying gifts is a nightmare for all of us. I know I’ve run out of ideas a few years back for most of my relatives, and they for me too. I’ve told everyone “don’t by me more stuff” those things you’ve no idea what to do with and either end up selling them on Ebay or taking them to a charity shop, for someone else to buy, who will also sell it on Ebay or take to a charity shop… it’s like flicking dust around with a feather duster… all just rearrangement! I’d rather just enjoy their company than little parcels of ‘stuff’. None of us really need most of the possessions we have anyway… why add to the clutter.

    Perhaps buy her something that isn’t an actual thing, but a treat out somewhere… something memorable. I think a lot women like that kind of gift from the man in their life.

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  6. If she’s a tea or coffee drinker I’d go some specialty ones. Not much beats a wonderful cuppa. Plus bonus, it’s consumed and if she likes it you’ve got your next gift sorted too. If she is stuck in rest then scented candles or one of those misting essential oil diffusers with a timer could be the ticket.

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