Getting Closer To My Goal

I must be nuts, getting up at 2.30am, and running in the dark. But, needs must – especially since I’m up early from my slumber, for a 12 hour shift at work, and with heavy rain being due later in the day, I don’t want to be caught out in that. Besides, 12 hours work is enough for anyone. I don’t want to run after that stint.

Today, I’ve managed to get under 11 minutes for the first time, over a distance of one mile. I’m edging ever closer to the 10 minute target that I set myself 😁

My latest observations:

  • Distance: 1.02 mile
  • Average Speed: 5.46 mph
  • Max Speed: 6.56 mph
  • Average Heart Rate: 161 bpm
  • Max Heart Rate: 178 bpm
  • Average Pace: 10.59 min/mile
  • Max Pace: 09.09 min/mile
  • Weather: Dry, 1.5°C.

As you’ll observe, the temperature was slightly above freezing for this run, and I did notice a small burning sensation in my throat with the cold air. And my hands… Brr. I think I’ll be wearing gloves on my next outing!

What I need to do is aim for an average pace of 6mph – that would take me to the 10 minute mark. Its easier said than done, but I am getting there.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my progression. I’m aware of an increased risk of injury in cold weather, so an adequate warm-up is a must for every run. It sometimes feels a little silly doing squats, lunges, etc, but it all helps.

I have read on some Internet forums where seasoned runners have taken exception to some people running slower than a ten minute mile, calling them slobs. We all have to start somewhere, and being unkind in such a manner can put people off trying to improve their fitness levels, and overall health. Those that criticise aren’t really worth the time of day, and are quite frankly pricks.

If you decide to take up running, do it at your own pace. Remember, you are faster than those sitting. Don’t allow others to pressurise you. Do your own thing. It’s taken me a number of months to get where I am, and I’m happy at my achievement, especially since I haven’t run since I was a teenager. I’ll be 51 in January. Gulp.



    1. It’s worth it healthwise. It’s helped my asthma immensely. I’d never considered it before, but issues over the last 18 months have persuaded me. Even if it’s a run once a week, it’s better than doing nothing.


  1. I served almost thirty years in the military. Running was my middle name. You are starting off perfectly. Set reasonable goals. One mile will gradually become two. After retiring and aging naturally I am convinced that keeping fit earlier in life helped me cope with more serious health issues as I got past 70. As some say, just do it. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Michael. I’d spoken to a few friends prior to running, who’d tried it themselves. They had sickened themselves by trying to achieve too much, too quickly and stopped trying. I know I’m not the world’s quickest, or fittest, but I know the gains for me have been massive. My first run was for around 200 yards and I was absolutely shattered. I know I can run more than 1 mile but I’d rather conquer that mountain so to speak, than try to climb another straight afterwards. At the moment, I’m finding it good fun, which is the important thing.

      Hopefully with me starting later in life the health benefits will be just as rewarding as they are to you 👍

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