Slow Gains

I look at runners that hold world records, and think about their gains. Mostly, they make progress by fractions of a second, in their quest to be the worlds best.

Now, while their 10th’s of a second will be equivalent to my 10’s of seconds, I’m still producing my own personal world records, which I’m pretty ecstatic about, to tell you the truth. There will though, become a point where I’m not improving at all, and I’m happy at that, because at that point, I’ll have achieved most of my goals and have become an average runner.

In recent weeks, I’ve been finding the weather a bit of a turn off, and it’s hard to get myself motivated. I’ve taken to preparing my running gear at night, so that it gives me a firm prod in the morning. It helps, but not enough. It’s all about a state of mind.

Maybe infrequent running is a contributory factor to my lack of enthusiasm, but I know if I run more than two, or three times in a week I’ll sicken myself. I’m not looking for excuses here – it’s just the way I am.

I tend to jump straight into something without thinking, and then quickly lose interest. Besides, if I was to run more, the probability of an injury would increase. If that were to happen, my gains would be lost and I’d throw the towel in. I do tend to give up too easily. I’m actually amazed I’ve persevered for this long – and it’s why I started this blog in the first place – to keep myself engaged and to constantly push myself.

This morning, I wasn’t very keen about going for a run. It’s getting colder and windy too, but I forced myself out the door. I’m glad I did. It’s slow progress, but I do feel as though I’m edging closer to that 10 minute mile goal that I set myself.

I probably do need to lose some weight to help me on my way, but that’s easier said than done – especially in the winter months when bodies naturally store extra fat. I’ll see what I can do on that front – burgers and chocolate are irresistible 😂

Anyways, here are my latest observations:

  • Distance: 1.019 mile
  • Average Speed: 5.41 mph
  • Max Speed: 5.94 mph
  • Average Heart Rate: 163 bpm
  • Max Heart Rate: 182 bpm
  • Average Pace: 11.06 min/mile
  • Max Pace: 10.06 min/mile
  • Weather: Windy. Dry, 12°C.

My pace over the mile is four seconds slower than my previous, but on the positive side, my maximum pace has quickened. Plus, my recovery time is improving run by run.

  • Heart recovery time is an indicator of fitness.

You’ll notice I’ve begun to record weather conditions – I don’t know if I’ll see a correlation in my performances by recording those details, but it’ll be interesting to find out.


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  1. This is really cool, I think your plan to record weather conditions is great and I’m interested to see what kind of a correlation there is.


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