Once In A Generation Decision

I’ve been enraged of late, due to what’s happening with Brexit. It’s turning out to be a massive mess, when it doesn’t need to be. Have our politicians never heard of KISS?

Take for example the Irish border issue, which could result in a hard exit from the EU. When I visit a neighbour, I knock on their door and wait until I am granted access. That scenario can easily be transferred to the Irish border, by way of technology: User asks for access and enters/transfers, when authorised. Keep It Simple Stupid.

And, then there is the clamour for another referendum. Why?

Some claim that we didn’t know what we were voting for. Bollocks. Yes we did. It was all set out before us with propaganda landing on our doorsteps prior to the vote.

We were urged to vote to remain within the EU. We were warned of the consequences. Here is the leaflet. The same propaganda played out in the press, and on our televisions. We were also fed rubbish about leaving the bloc. Most of it was pure, unadulterated bullshit.

However, if anyone thought undoing 40+ years of political integration was going to be a walk in the park, they have quite simply, validated their own idiocy.

We were told the referendum was a once in a generation decision:

A Once In A Generation Decision
A Once In A Generation Decision

On, Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 17,410,742 people voted to leave the European Union. The will of the people (51.89%) must be respected. Usurping democracy will lead to a very slippery slope, where social unrest could, and probably will happen.

  • There CANNOT be another referendum.

The Peoples Vote is an affront to democracy – they claim, “Brexit negotiations are taking us towards a future that nobody voted for”. Yes, we did.

We voted: Leave The European Union.


Politicians ignoring the will of the people, and attempting to keep us in the EU by hook, or by crook, should do well to remember Oliver Cromwell:

“Look on the people you represent, and break not your trust, and expose not the honest party of your kingdom, who have bled for you, and suffer not misery to fall upon them for want of courage and resolution in you, else the honest people may take such courses as nature dictates to them.”

Our fishing industry was once the envy of Europe – our ports were full of ships; Our car manufacturing industry reached all four corners of the land; Our sugar industry was huge; Our farms fed the country; Our reach was global. We pioneered.

  • Our products proudly carried the words, Made In Great Britain.

In 1973, the UK joined the EEC. From then on in, we lost what we were once proud of, while Germany prospered, becoming the EU powerhouse.

We were victim to an economic con, while struggling from the bankruptcy of two world wars.

The greed of socialist despots caused strike after strike, a three day working week, and piles of rubbish accumulated on our streets. We were once the world’s economic superpower. We lost it all.

Now, its time for rebirth and regrowth. Its also time to give a level playing field, and quash the North/South divide which came about as trade with Europe shifted to southern ports, such as Dover.

  • Leave the EU amicably.
  • Renew our position within the Commonwealth.
  • Trade across the globe.
  • Become great, once more.