Small Gains – I’m Pleased

Recently, I said I was going to concentrate on achieving a ten minute mile. While, I’m not quite there yet, I am making progress. The gains are small, but noticeable.

For my previous run, I achieved one mile in 11.19 minutes. Today, on an early morning run (3am*) I’ve done it in 11.02 minutes. I’m really pleased at how I’m progressing with this challenge I’ve set myself.

My latest observation:

  • Distance: 1.029 mile
  • Average Speed: 5.44 mph
  • Max Speed: 6.70 mph
  • Max Heart Rate: 195 bpm
  • Pace: 11.02 min/mile

The chart above will give you a rough idea of today’s run. The initial section is downhill, which is where my top speed occurred. The return of the circular route resulted in a climb, where my speed and heart rate remained more or less constant.

*You might be wondering why the hell I’m running at 3am. I do wonder myself at times, but it’s due to working 12 hour shifts.

I’m heading out to work very shortly, and a 3am run works best for me. Plus, it sets me up for the day, and kind of gives me a boost.

Besides, I’m nuts 🤪