Old Photo Restored

My Dad recently asked me if I could restore an old photo of him, sat on his own Dads knee. The photo is over 80 years old.

I took up the challenge. While I’m not a Photoshop expert, I think I did OK with the work I did. With the restored photo, I removed the scratches and creases. I then colourised it subtly, to give it a slightly different finish to the original.

Colour was added to the photo, by adding a transparent layer to the original image. Then, I set about painting over the transparent layer. Opacity was reduced to give the finished look.

It took around half an hour for me to do the work on the photo. If I’d spent more time, it might have come out much better, but I think I’ve done an OK job.

A printed copy of the restored photo is winging its way to my Dad right now, as I type.

Hopefully he will like it 🤞

Restored Photo
Restored Photo