Big Brother Clown

I’m going to be in the minority with this post, but then again, I don’t follow others like a demented sheep.

Over the last few days, Carlisle actress Roxanne Pallett has been on the receiving end of disgusting vitriol from a large swathe of Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) fans.

Roxanne claimed in the CBB House that she had been punched by fellow actor, Ryan Thomas.

Did he, or didn’t he? That’s the question on many lips. The majority of people that claim to have seen the incident, have said that he didn’t.

In a CBB video clip, Ryan can be seen approaching Roxanne. He begins to deliver his affection* on her left side, and then moves around her back, to her right.

Roxanne reacts straight away to Ryan’s advances, by holding her ribs and proclaiming, “Oww. Woman beater. That bloody hurt”.

Roxanne then headed off towards the bedroom, where Ryan appears to push her quite hard towards the door.

Afterwards, Roxanne spoke to Big Brother, saying she felt “really uncomfortable” with what had happened.

Let’s take a look:

On the surface, the CBB video appears to portray ‘play punching’ which is a claim put forward by many. Watch it again, then ask yourself:

  • Is this normal behaviour from a man?
  • Should a man approach a woman and pretend to punch, let alone actually do the deed?

The answer should be no in both cases. If you think yes, then quite honestly, I think you’re mentally challenged.

I’m disturbed by the hatred directed towards Roxanne. It is uncalled for. I sincerely hope that she is OK.

Some have said that Roxanne has set back campaigns against violence towards women by years.

I say, look at it from her point of view. What happened was perhaps alien to her. It was definitely alien to me. I’d never approach a woman in the manner Ryan did. I just don’t understand why he did what he did.

Only Roxanne and Ryan truly know what happened. I’ve no doubt that there is other footage of the incident available that hasn’t yet been aired. It should be noted that Ryan was given a formal warning by CBB for physical contact. Ryan also admitted on camera that Roxanne was caught on the ribs, by his ring.

*CBB put Roxanne and Ryan together to try to reconcile differences. Ryan said: “I honestly want you to know I was showing my affection and I promise you I’ve got it wrong.”

In my book, what he did wasn’t an act of affection. It was the actions of a clown attempting to impress through physical prowess.

Roxanne Pallett has left the CBB house of her own accord. It is rumoured she is contemplating legal action.

I hope she succeeds with it.