My Saggy Bum Has Gone

In the few weeks that I’ve been running, I’ve noticed my body has begun to change. For the better, I must add.

Most middle aged men will notice that over time, they seem to lose all the filling from their bum, and it becomes flat and saggy. Mine is starting to fill out, with my glutes becoming nice and firm. It’s kinda pleasant to no longer have a saggy arse 😂

I’ve noticed other changes too. My legs have become toned and my stomach is becoming quite firm as I concentrate on working my core to support my every move.

I didn’t actually anticipate these changes as I embarked on getting fitter. I thought I would lose weight – which hasn’t happened yet – but they say muscle is heavier than fat, so it could be the reason. Or, I’m heavy boned 😉

As well as the changes to my body, I actually feel good. I’m more chilled, and I’m sleeping better. Plus, my asthma seems to be much more manageable.

In all, the jogging has been win win. Plus, did I say my saggy bum has gone?