A Knife To The Back

I’m having to take a few days off jogging after enduring searing pain in my upper back. I’m quite used to individuals stabbing me there, but the pain this time was on a different level.

The pain has been focused beneath my right shoulder blade. At first, I thought it might have been a stitch, but no. It appears to be muscular.

Poor posture causes improper spinal positioning and can affect the neck, shoulders, low back, mid back/thoracic, and ultimately, the entire body. I believe, with being new to running, my posture is to blame.

Runners often experience increased neck and upper back pain when running a longer distance and particularly, when running on a harder surface. Symptoms typically begin as an achy feeling in your neck, shoulder or upper back. This achiness can quickly become a sharp and piercing pain.

To remedy the pain, I’ll give my body time to heal, and in the meantime I aim to work on sitting and standing up straight. I’ll also pass the down time with utilising my exercise bicycle more than usual. I can’t allow the gains made, to be lost.

It is frustrating, but I am expecting a whole host of niggles to affect me while trying to get fitter.

The important thing for me to remember is to listen to my body and stop what I’m doing if pain appears. To forge ahead regardless, is counterproductive and foolish.



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