Meet Poppy

Yesterday, I wrote about my reluctant decision to leave my best friend at home on my next run, as I do think she has been struggling a little.

Poppy turned eight this year. Her black coat in the heat, along with pounding the tarmac is probably the reasons as to why she has been finding it hard.

Leaving her at home will produce less stress upon her joints too, which will allow for more walks together on soft ground in the Cumbrian countryside.

Ever since Poppy came into my life, she has been a brilliant companion. My best friend. She’s always at my side, whatever I do – and I mean that literally… If I pop to the loo, she is there 😂

Anyways, I have decided to share a couple of photos of her with you from a hike that we did at Ennerdale in West Cumbria. It’s a lovely place, off the beaten track. You’ll be very unlucky should you meet someone. The solitude suits me down to the ground.

If you are wondering: Poppy is a non Working English Cocker Spaniel. They’re a fantastic, loyal breed who want to please you at every opportunity.



    1. I’ll be heartbroken when she heads for the rainbow bridge, but I’ve tried to allow her to live life to the max. Fingers crossed for quite a few more years yet 🤞

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