Doggone Tired

This was my first run for a couple of days. With working shifts, especially nights, sometimes it’s really difficult to put some time in. I am planning on running during my lunch period at some point, so then there should be no excuses from me ☺

Latest observation:

Distance: 0.9 mile
Speed: 4.8 mph
Heart Rate: 165
Pace: 11:16 mins/mile

Normally, I take my dog with me on a run, and today was no exception. But, I do feel as though she is struggling a little, so I have reluctantly taken the decision to leave her at home for my next outing.

I felt good today, and did think I could have managed more, but maybe Poppy’s age (8) is beginning to catch her up. She was really sluggish, with her head down. Perhaps it was the heat that impacted on her too, as normally she is full of beans. Leaving her at home is the best option. I’d be heartbroken 💔 if something happened to her.

Today, I ran a section of the local coast to coast walking route and was pleased to discover a cricket match in play at Cleator.

The route took me from my home, along a bridleway and onto the coast footpath. It was quite enjoyable.

You may notice that the map I’ve provided is slightly different to that which I’ve previously posted. That’s because I’ve ditched my Runtastic app due to too many adverts.

I’m now using the very popular Strava app to map my exercise. At a first look, it appears far superior without the annoyance factor.


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