I’ve gone and ordered myself a vibration machine to assist in my pursuit of fitness. It won’t arrive until next week, so I’ll leave it a few weeks until I give you a review of how things are going.

According to the Mayo Clinic, whole body vibration can offer some fitness and health benefits – but they are not as beneficial as regular physical exercise.

In a newspaper article about vibration machines, Mark Andrews a remedial therapist and specialist trainer described them as “the microwave of fitness – you can do as little as 10 minutes and still achieve a great workout.”

So what benefits can they bring?

  • Muscular Strength
  • Bone Density
  • Flexibility

These exercise machines are said to help you lose weight, prevent muscle loss, improve mineral bone density, increase energy and flexibility, reduce cellulite, improve blood flow, eliminate toxins from your body, plus so much more.

The machines can also be used to help injured muscles recover and massage sore muscles. Due to their versatility, vibration machines are ideal for a wide range of people.

I haven’t yet decided on how to incorporate the vibration machine into my fitness regime, but it will be used either pre or post run.

  • As well as the vibration machine, I also utilise an exercise bicycle in the evenings to help with stamina and speed. Gosh. I’m beginning to sound addicted 😂


  1. I have a vibration machine. Sometimes I use it a lot and sometimes it sits for weeks unused. It’s good if you stick at it, I definitely noticed improvements. You can feel the blood flowing in your legs and that has to be a good thing.


    1. It arrived today. I’ve had ten minutes on it, and boy can I feel my stomach muscles aching. Its probably my fault for ramping up the speed a little to see what it can do.

      If you’ve got any tips to stop my bum wobbling it would be appreciated. Lol

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