Feeling Good

This was an enjoyable run from my current home to my childhood haunt. The track, in a circular route is approximately 3 miles. I ran just short of 1 mile, with a top speed of 6.6 mph

My latest observation:

Distance: 0.97 mile
Speed: 4.7 mph
Heart Rate: 163
Time: 12:24

I did jog back home along the circular route, but with a few walking sessions interspersed.

I feel as though I am slowly getting better. Time and distance will be the judge.



  1. You may want to try Couch to 5k its an app from the BBC . I’m using it whilst undergoing Chemotherapy so I’m having to be careful but it seems to be working.


    1. Hi Geoffrey, I’ve looked at Couch to 5K and it appears to be an excellent coaching tool judging from user feedback. I’ve had it in the back of my mind as a fallback should I find myself going backwards instead of forwards.

      I hope the chemotherapy is going ok for you. My brother has endured three different bouts of it on his journey to recovery. He wasn’t affected by it too much, apart from nerve pain in his finger tips.

      Good luck in your recovery ☺


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