Morning, Noon or Night?

Over the last week, I’ve been off work, which has meant I’ve been able to lay in bed a little longer than I normally would. While I’m not knocking the extra sleep time, I’ve discovered something amiss.

  • I run better first thing in the morning, than in the afternoon.

Scholarly articles claim that running in the afternoon should be easier, and safer, as the body has had time to fully warm up.

You may be unsurprised to hear that the peak time for running is definitely not first thing in the morning. Virtually all bodily functions are at their worst at this hour. Body temperature is low—meaning your muscles will feel stiff—lung function is poor, and you’re unlikely to have had any substantial food intake for about ten hours—so your energy stores will also be depleted. All this means the same level of exertion is likely to feel much harder at this time of day than later on.

Source: Runners World

For me, I find that when I try to run in the afternoon, my legs stiffen up very quickly and my breathing becomes much more laboured.

  • Maybe my asthma has a role to play in this and perhaps less oxygen is getting into my system?
  • Maybe because I am a shift worker, and that my body clock is normally upside down is a reason?

Running in the morning does appear to be frowned upon by many quarters as it can allegedly lead to more injuries.

However, research also claims that morning running does have benefits.

When you arrive at work after a morning run, you will already be wide awake. Being alert in the morning will allow you to better focus on the tasks at hand, which will increase your productivity. You also do not have to rush home after work to run, since your workout is already finished for the day.

Running in the morning can also help you to lose weight faster. A run will jump start your metabolism early in the morning, so your body burns calories at a faster rate throughout the day. Because you go to bed earlier to have enough rest for the morning run, you probably will not snack as late in the day. The reduction in calories will help you to reach your weight-loss goals faster.

Source: Fit day

There are so many confusing contradictions out there!

Perhaps running morning, afternoon or night is simply a personal preference and I’m reading too much into what others think or do 🤔

I guess, the answer to all of this is to simply do what feels best to you. And, in that case, I’ll try to continue with my early morning runs.