1 Mile Down

I’m thrilled to have reached the one mile mark. Even though I haven’t set myself any goals, it feels good to have reached that point.

Yesterday, I had a day off running to go on an unavoidable six hour drive. I don’t know if the journey had any impact, but boy – it was hard work today.

My legs felt heavy and my lungs were working to the max. My average running speed had slowed, due to including a couple of stops to catch my breath. I suppose stopping is better than keeling over.

Following that run, I’m now tempted to help boost my lung capacity by utilising my old exercise bicycle that has been gathering dust for a couple of years. It should help matters, and being low impact is a bonus.

My latest observation:

  • Distance: 1.01 mile
  • Speed: 4.5 mph
  • Heart Rate: 159
  • Time: 12:58