Shaking Off Cobwebs

Having reached the 1km mark in my new found love of jogging, I’m now approaching the 1m mark. Achieving that goal will mean something special to me. I’ve never been a runner.

I’ve previously written on here, that the last time I ran, was 35 years ago, and that was while taking part in physical education at school. Back then, I’d do my utmost to avoid running. I’d feign an injury, or even worse – I’d cheat 😔

I remember having to take part in a cross country race which was three, 1 mile laps of school fields. There was a section on the course through some trees. I’d wait in the trees until everyone was on their third lap and rejoin. It’s funny looking back, but it sums up what I thought of exercise at the time: pointless and tiring.

Now, I love it. I’m beginning to be addicted to the exercise and endorphins that I’ve discovered. I’m not yet fit enough to replicate the cross country course of my school years, but being able to run that three miles will feel exhilarating when I reach that level.

I’m struggling with my legs at the moment. They just don’t feel loose. I guess they’ll begin to feel better as my running time mounts up. I am doing stretching and walking to warm up prior to jogging, so the stiffness is more than likely down to a lack of running over the years.

In recent days, I’ve been speaking to seasoned runners and the encouragement has been fantastic. I feel as though I’ve already been accepted into the running community. They don’t know what they’ve let themselves in for. Haha.