Dramaticus Prospectus

It's getting much colder in Cumbria as autumn begins to make way for winter. There is already a slight sprinkling of snow on some of the mountain tops. Soon, there will be much more. Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad... Continue Reading →

Week In Focus #3

This is picture #3 of a weekly Photo Challenge that I set myself – there is no particular theme. The challenge is to get myself outside and to simply take photographs. For the challenge this week, I decided to take a selfie with my phone, while out walking. The lens flare was added later, with... Continue Reading →

Gateway To Ennerdale

In between heavy showers, I managed to grab this shot of Ennerdale Water. Each time I take in the views of my favourite location, the vista invariably leaves me spellbound at its magnificence. Fewer people are out and about in Ennerdale during the winter months, meaning more peace and quiet for those that prefer it... Continue Reading →

The Trump Effect

I'm easily amused. It's my inner child. This morning, I was reading Oddly Enough News from Reuters. A story about a Darts championship match caught my eye. The killer, which made me helpless with laughter was the rolling ticker - I'll get to that in a few seconds. The news headline proclaimed: Darts-Players let rip in... Continue Reading →

Hedgehog Cone

Yesterday afternoon, I spotted a Pine Cone hanging from a tree, and thought it shared an uncanny resemblance to a Hedgehog. But then again.. I often see things that aren't there. Lol Woody cones, such as my Hedgehog variety contain seeds which are female in nature. Male cones produce pollen and are much less conspicuous... Continue Reading →

Grinning Meerkat

The Meerkat is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family. Meerkats live in all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, in much of the Namib Desert in Namibia and southwestern Angola, and in South Africa. A group of Meerkats is called a "mob", "gang" or "clan". A Meerkat clan often contains about 20... Continue Reading →

3D War Memorial

On 13 November, 2005, a new war memorial was unveiled on Cleator Moor square - this memorial, designed by Colin Telfer, was a statue of a wounded soldier being attended to by a nurse. It was dedicated to those from the area, that had made sacrifices in all conflicts. Mr Telfer sadly passed away in... Continue Reading →

Mandarin Duck

The mandarin duck is an incredibly colourful duck species found in East Asia. The adult male has a red bill, large white crescent above the eye and reddish face and "whiskers". The male's breast is purple with two vertical white bars, and the flanks ruddy, and he has two orange "sails" at the back (large feathers... Continue Reading →

Misty Walk

Yesterday morning was quite misty following a frosty night. As I was out walking with Poppy, I observed the mist slowly retreating, and enveloping Dent Fell. It was quite a pleasure to see. After around an hour of walking, I spotted a lone tree on Jacktrees Road, at Cleator Moor. It's not a very special... Continue Reading →

No Show Leonids

Last night, I attempted to view the Leonid meteors that were supposedly powering through the dark sky. What a disappointment. They were a no show for me. All I managed to see was a gate. Lol. My night-time photo was captured on my mobile phone. The Leonids are associated with the comet Tempel–Tuttle. The Leonids... Continue Reading →

Frantic Sex

The husband leans over and asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over sixty years ago? We went behind the village pub where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you." "Yes", she says, "I remember it well." "OK," he says, "How about taking a... Continue Reading →

Are We In The Matrix?

North Korea have released a photo, along with an intriguing claim that they recently oversaw tests of a “newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon.” The military test was allegedly successful and the weapon could protect North Korea like a "steel wall", its KCNA news agency said. Pouring over the photo released by Kim Jong Un and... Continue Reading →

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